Slow week of training…busy weekend. Since getting back from Australia a few weeks ago I have been finding it hard to find the time to train during the week. I have gotten up once or twice before work and hit the gym around 5:30, and after work has been just as difficult to find the time day after day. The pool hours have restricted me from swimming after work during the week and God knows I am not going back in the pool with the morning pool gremlins. I am reminded quite often that the ocean is always open for swimming…which is true….but I am still struggling mentally with the open water. That is something between me and the beautiful, fish-filled, coral-bottomed Philippine Sea in Guam. I will work through it eventually. I have to. So, suffice it to say my weeks have been filled with work and kids and not so much with tri-training. But, time is getting short and I need to get back to the basics and build endurance. I got off to a good start this weekend.

Friday night Zinnia and I just made up our minds to go for a bike ride. It was probably close to 5:00 when I got home from work, I was tired from a long week of work,  but we changed quickly, loaded the bikes on the car and headed to the base. My mother is still here in Guam and fortunately for us she loves to be with the kids, so we are able to leave the kids with her for an hour or so while we go ride. That will change a bit in 3 weeks when she goes back to Las Vegas. We were a little time restricted because we had to be back at the house by 6:15 to meet someone. But, we got a good 10 mile ride in in just around 40 minutes. The weather was awesome with a light breeze coming in off the water and an overcast sky which kept the temperature down. I feel good about my biking and I actually enjoy being on the bike more that the other two modalities. My legs really burn when I try and push it up the hills, but I still enjoy it. Today there was a 100 mile bike ride on Guam, and although I never gave it a thought to enter, I do think I could probably ride a bike for 100 miles and still enjoy myself. Well, maybe not 100…but 50 for sure! With the Sprint Tri only being a 12 mile ride (20K) I will be fine….as long as the opening swim before the bike doesn’t kill me.

Swimming, as I have stated many times on this blog, is my weakness. It is my kryptonite. That being said I have come a long way in the past 2 months. I started this journey being able to swim only 100 meters before having to hug the wall for 2 minutes and pray not to throw up. Now I am routinely doing 750-1250 meter swims without stopping at all. Of course all of this has been in the pool. My friends who have done triathlons tell me the open water swim during the race is easier. “More bouyant”, “drafting”, “currents”, and “race adrenaline” have all been mentioned as to why this might be. I am really counting on this to be the case come race day. And the bottom line is I need to get in the ocean and swim soon so I know that I can do this. Over the weekend I swam both Saturday and Sunday…both times in the pool. Saturday was my first swim in a week or so and it showed. My, how quickly we lose endurance. After 250 meters I was gassed, but I kept going. I was able to complete 1000 meters, but it took me 25:01 to do it. I was going pretty slow and when I finished I was on vapor. Absolutely exhausted. If I had needed to go hop on my bike and ride 12 miles I am not sure I could have done it. I was a little pissed at myself for the effort and decided that Sunday I would go back to the pool and do it again.

(Side note: Saturday night Zinnia and I went out to a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. We were joined by 3 other couples and their kids. All three of these couples also participate in the runs and races I have been blogging about. Great people, great time, great occasion. Just throwing that in there to stress that training for a triathlon, or any race for that matter, is sooooo much easier and more fun when you have the right people around you training too. Zinnia and I have formed friendships with quite a few people as a result of this and everyone is just fantastic. In a way we are all going through this together and that shared experience brings us all closer.)

Sunday the whole family headed back to the pool. I was planning on doing a brick workout, meaning I was going to do 750 meters in the pool and then transition to a bike ride and try and do 12 miles. The problem was that the weather didn’t cooperate. I did the 750 meters in the pool just fine. In fact, I was much better than Saturday. I felt stronger and was able to catch my breath and settle into a nice rhythm. 18:32 was my time. I still want to get that down to around 16:00-17:00 in the pool, and I think I can do that if I stick to my training schedule of swimming 2-3 times a week. By the time my swim ended though it was raining hard. I hadn’t really noticed while I was swimming, but when I stopped I realized that all the people at the pool had either left or were under cover. I decided to not try and ride my bike in the rain. I worried about the slick roads and I didn’t need to be crashing my bike during a training run. So, the brick workout will have to wait for another day. On a related note, I wore my tri-shorts for the swim and they worked well. I should have no problem wearing them for the race. They were comfortable and fit well.

This week I am dedicating myself to hit the gym before work at least twice (hopefully three times) to run and lift. That, plus maybe a bike ride after work one night and I should be good. I already have my bags packed and ready to go for tomorrow morning. Also, I am having a little competition with myself. From Cinco de Mayo to July 4 (2 months) I want to see how much I can change my body. I am going to pay close attention to what I eat and drink (no soft drinks, very low sugar intake, and higher protein meals and snacks), workout with the weights in the mornings, and do lots of tri-training cardio. Not sure if anything will change but it makes it fun for me for the next 2 months to try. I am doing a “before” shot and hopefully the “after” pic will show a positive change.

OK, I am off to drink a broccoli and egg milkshake with whey protein. No, not really. I am not that crazy. Actually I am off to bed now to rest my body for the 4:30 wakeup call. 2 months to go now…..time to turn it up a notch.