Just wrote a 1000 word entry only to have it wiped out when I tried to add a picture. Not sure what happened but I am pretty sure the website is in cahoots with the makers of my blood pressure medication to make sure I keep them in business for decades to come. Well played wordpress…well played.
Deep breath. Sip of water. And….Take 2…Ready….Go!

Anyway, what I was saying was that if anyone out there knows how to Salsa dance I would be glad to pay for your services for some lessons. Zinnia and I went out to a Latin night at a local club in one of the big hotels this Saturday and I realized just how ridiculous one can look doing Salsa. I have this thing all wrong. I am training for a triathlon, but really what I need to be doing is learning how to Salsa dance. Those guys who were dancing well were smooth and turned more heads than any triathlete ever will. I mean I saw some of these guys and I am pretty sure they can’t swim, ride a bike or run to the bathroom let alone complete a triathlon, but they know how to exude coolness. Look, I am only trying to impress one woman here, but that is hard to do when all you want to do is the “Dougie” to Latin music. My rural Ohio upbringing didn’t expose me to enough Latin music growing up to keep me from looking like a fool. One day I will learn to lead a latin dance with my wife…and I WILL look cool….I just don’t know when that will be. Who wants to help? C’mom it’s people helping people. Who wants to be part of a miracle? I realize this has nothing to do with a triathlon, but it is my blog, so you’ll have to deal with it.

Now that the folks at the pool have decided to close the pool down for half the day to allow high scool students to train and small kids to learn how to swim, my training time at the base pool may be compromised for the next month. I was able to get to the pool only once this week, yesterday, and swim 1000 meters in 24:45. Because of the time restrictions for adults, I may have to face my fears soon and go back and visit the morning pool monsters at 5:30 AM (when the pool is open to me). Either that or take my bathing suit to work and try and get a session in at the pool by the hospital over my lunch break. The problem is that as my training distances get longer, so does my time committment. 1500 meters will take me 35-40 minutes in the pool plus another 15 minutes to shower and change. That’s a full hour and my entire lunch break. Hmm. Tough decision. These restricted pool hours only last another month until the school kids are on summer break, but this is a crucial time in my training. I would like to get out this week and do 1250 meters and then do 1500 meters next weekend. We’ll see how that goes.

Zinnia and I did a 5K on Friday night. I was a little worried how my knees would hold up. I have been battling a left knee patellar tendonitis the past few weeks. It has been aching at work as I go up and down the stairs and I didn’t know if I would make it through a 3.1 mile run. I decided to run with Zinnia, at a bit of a slower pace, and enjoy the run and see how I felt. There were 2 pretty big hills on the course, including one aptly named “Slug Hill” no doubt for the pace at which one ascends the hill. Despite a little pain coming down the hills, my knee felt great. Zinnia and finished together in 29 minutes. Not bad for a Friday after work run. I had gotten off work, rushed home, changed, put the kids and my mother in the car and got to the race 10 minutes before the start. We registered, put on our race bibs and stretched right up until the gun went off. We cut it close. But we enjoyed the run along the water as the sun was setting. And my knees felt good during and after the race. That bodes well for my upcoming Navy fitness test on Tuesday morning. I was originally hoping to finish the 1.5 mile run around the track in 10:30. That may be a bit ambitious considering my lack of run training over the past month. But I think 11:00 is realistic. More to come on that in about 36 hours. That will be one of my training runs this week. It is a short one, but will be a fast one too. Perhaps next weekend I will take it slower and try to run 5-6 miles. And I think I am done with the treadmill for a little while. Going to stick to riad or track runs for now.

As for the bike training, Zinnia and I did a ride together mid-week and went 10 miles. We pushed ourselves pretty good. I still want to get up to doing 12 miles and more (race distance is 12 miles) just so I can know exactly what the race distance feels like. I think it is a mental boost to know you can do each distance. So far I have surpasesd the swim distance (750 meters; although not in the open water….my next hurdle this coming month), the run distance (5K) and have been close to the bike distance (20K). Once I complete a 20K bike (hopefully this week) I will start incorporating some block workouts into my routine probably once a week on the weekends. That is where you combine two (or more) modalities into one training session. So I would bike 12 miles and then get off the bike and immediately run a 5K. Or swim 750 meters and get out of the pool and go bike 12 miles. I need to start working on my transitions. I have, to this point, been training to build endurance in each area separately . Now I need to start training like a triathlete.

It was a typical weekend in Guam. Zinnia and I ran a 5K on Friday night. On Saturday we all went to a few tourist attractions in the afternoon (Two Lovers Point and the Fish-Eye) and then went Salsa dancing Saturday night. Today we ate out for brunch and then spent the day at a water park (where I proceeded to fry the top layer of my epidermis). I couldn’t ask for a better place to be right now. Guam is a great place to raise little kids, a great place to be outdoors and a great place to train for a triathlon. It’s a perfect day to train 365 days a year here.

Here is a picture of me, Zinnia, Liam, Keilani and my mother Colleen at the Fish-Eye 4/22/12.