Africa and Antarctica. Those are the last 2. The last 2 continents for me to step foot on. I can check Australia off that list following our 8 day trip last week. We had a great time in both Cairns and Sydney. The weather cooperated, the kids were well behaved, and I didn’t spend one second working out. Not a one. But hey, give me a break, the race is still a few months away, my body was starting to break a little before the trip and I didn’t want to spend perhaps my only week in Australia….EVER…..running and swimming. So we hugged koala bears, rode monorails, listened to didgeridoo music and walked about 1,000 miles. Loved the people in Australia. They were very friendly. Even Liam was saying “G’Day Mate” by weeks end.

We actually got back to Guam a week ago, but it took me another 6 days before I finally started training again. Taking a vacation and then getting back into a training routine is a bit tougher than I thought. For starters I had to catch up at work. That forced me to stay at work later than usual during the week. So instead of getting home at 5:00 and going for a run, bike or swim, I was getting home at 6:00 and spending time with the kids before it got dark at 6:30 and they went to bed at 7:30. Priorities mate. Of course I should mention my desire to get back to working out wasn’t exactly pinging the meter either. However, despite all the eating out we did in Australia I came back the exact same weight as I was when I left, 169.8. In fact I have been between 169-171 for about 3 months now. Not sure what that means exactly, but I thought it was rather interesting considering all the training I had been doing. Bottom line, I remained lazy for a few more days.

Saturday I got back in the pool. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my conditioning. I mean I am 41 now and taking two weeks off is the equivalent of a 22 year old taking 2 months off. The body just doesn’t have the reserve it once had. But, I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up doing 750 meters (sprint tri distance) and I did it in 18:10. That was a full minute and a half better than my previous time for that distance. Although to be honest I was getting fairly tired the last 100 meters and probably couldn’t have gone much further. But I was happy. My goal, now that I have no more breaks scheduled between now and the race, is to build up my endurance to be able to swim 2500-3000 meters. Then, 750 meters at the race will seem like nothing. So, each time I go out I will try and boost my distance by 250 meters. For all you math wizzes out there that is 1000 meters for me later this week when I go back for another dip. I took yesterday (Sunday) off but this morning I did the stationary bike at the gym before work. I set the bike on level 8 and did the random workout. I find that to be the best for me because it gives me a variety of resistances and is a little more realistic to being on the road than some of the other programmed workouts. I went for 20 minutes and covered 6 miles exactly. Also burned about 175 calories. I didn’t go too hard because I also wanted to do some core exercises and weight training (and my bony butt hurts on that bike after twenty minutes! Need to build up some butt callous). I think I am going to get back into the weights a bit. My neck is feeling better and I want to keep some tone and flexibility. Did 80 crunches and 20 knee raises followed by free weight workout covering my biceps and triceps. The whole workout (bike included) was only 50 minutes. Perfect for me as I was able to shower and still be to work by 6:45. Next up will be the run. The treadmill seemed to be giving my knee trouble before the trip so I am going to stick to the road for now. Tomorrow I will try and put in a few miles on the road or track and see how the knee holds up.

Even though spending 2 weeks away from training (and blogging) made it difficult to return, I realized I have to get back to it. Rumor has it that there is a triatlon race in June, a full month before I was scheduling myself to do the triathlon. Uh-oh. My pride may get in the way and trick me into thinking I can do it. So, I may be down to 2 months before I race! Could it be that this training is causing a chemical imbalance in my brain which is giving me delusions of grandeur? Who knows. I’ll start with a 5K this Friday and go from there.

Until next time.

Me, Zinnia, Liam and Keilani in front of the Sydney Opera House