For those of you who have run a 10K before I am about to tell you something you already know…..6.2 miles is a pretty decent distance to run! Throw into the mix that the race started at 6:00 AM, the course was hilly and there were wind gusts up to 30 mph and you have all the ingredients for a novice runner to have one heck of a miserable Saturday morning. Actually it wasn’t so bad. There were lots of people there (probably near 100 runners) and the race staff was very friendly and supportive. But that damn wind had to have been blowing into our face for 5 of the 6 miles…..or at least that is what I convinced myself. My time was 53 minutes and change. Under a 9:00 mile pace which is decent for my first 10K. My goal was first to survive (check), then to break an hour (check) then to finish with an 8:00 mile pace (missed that one). Now I have something to shoot for on the next one. Zinnia also did well finishing in 1:04.00. Her shins were killing her, but this was the first time she ever ran 6 miles at one time…..EVER! I had done a few half marathons a few years ago, but this was breaking new ground for her and she did great. The 1 hour barrier is her next goal.
So that was my first event since my training began. Now it is back to the hard work of preparing for the triathlon. My bike returned from the shop over the weekend and it is all set up with the computer. I think I will take it out for a ride on Tuesday. It has been a week since I have been on it. I don’t like the fact that I have gone a week without at least doing one of the modalities once. I will have to make up for it by hitting the bike 2-3 times this week. The bike is my least worrisome part of the race, but I still need to log miles on it to get my endurance up. I am hoping to be able to do 20 miles a week for the next month and then gradually add more over time. Tomorrow I am going to go back to the treadmill at the gym before work. I am going to just do a 3 mile run with some mild weights before work. Should be just a 45 minute workout (25 minute run/cool down and 20 minute weights). It will be good because the NCAA BBall tourney will be on the TV and I can watch that while I run. That sure makes the time go by faster.
In 2 weeks we are going to Australia for 8 days and I probably won’t do much training, although I am hoping to run and swim a little there. But in the next 2 weeks I want to train 6 days a week with 2 days for each modality. So this week will be Monday and Thursday run, Tuesday and Friday bike and Wednesday and either Saturday or Sunday swim. I may even try and throw a short 3rd bike ride in there somewhere if i feel up to it. My run tomorrow will be 3 miles and on Thursday will be 4 miles. My bike will hopefully end up being between 15-20 miles for the week, and my swim should be around 750-1000 meters each of the two swim days. If I can do that for the next 2 weeks I will be in good shape heading to a weeklong vacation(where I will likely lose a little bit of my endurance). I’ll make sure I bring the iPad to Australia so I can post updates from Down Under (just in case I find a nice beach to run/s
Finally, I want to give one word of advice. When running a 10k in the morning, it would be wise to not throw a Birthday party for your 3 year-old child with 30 invited guests that afternoon. After the run, running around the island picking up cakes and bouncy houses, setting up bouncy house, grilling food, setting up tables and chairs and hosting a party for 3 hours….my body was beat down. I had not felt that tired in years! Seriously. I had sore muscles where I had forgotten I even had muscles. Of course it was all worth it to see Liam so happy(and it was a great party). This was the first party where I think he really understood what was going on and why people were there. He had all his friends over and couldn’t stop smiling all afternoon. Even today, the first thing he said when he woke up this morning was , “I had fun at my party.”. Aww. And all I could think of was ,”where in God’s name is the Motrin!”